Installation For
  GG-747 GreaseDiaper® System

The GC-747 GreaseDiaper® System accommodates most all exhaust fans and duct curbing shown in the  diagram below. For wall mounted ventilators and other types of exhaust fans, place the GC-747 GreaseDiapers® directly around  the fans point of direct spillage and fasted adjustable tension cord.

Place the GreaseDiaper(s) around the upper duct curb of the exhaust fan. Then fasten the adjustable tension cord around the center of the GreaseDiaper(s) Make sure the cord is snug. The GreaseDiaper(s) should protrude above the fan shroud base 2-3 inches.

Replacement of The GreaseDiapers®

For best results the GC-747 System's GreaseDiapers® should be replaced regularly.  GreaseDiapers® are easy to replace and takes just minutes. GreaseDiapers® should be replaced as needed depending on the volume of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) that is being generated. In a heavy grease environment you may need to use more than one GreaseDiapers® depending on the pattern of the grease spill. To replace the GreaseDiapers®, carefully unfasten the adjustable tension cord holding both ends of the cord. Remove the soiled  GreaseDiapers® replacing it with a new one. Note, always notify your duct cleaning company of any new equipment being installed. Special precautions will need to be taken during scheduled duct cleanings.

CAUTION: GreaseDiapers® could be damaged if they come in direct contact with hot water, high pressure and degreasers/cleaners. Therefore, the GreaseDiapers® should be removed during each cleaning and reinstalled. When using the GC-747 always make sure to check with local authorities for approval of application.

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