About The Company:
We provide solutions to rooftop grease spills and other environmental hazards. We offer four different types of containment systems that accommodate most all rooftop mechanical equipment that is capable of emitting contaminants or contaminants onto a  roofing surface. We are a national company serving customers globally. Through our parent company we are proud members of the National Fire Protection Association, International kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, Roof Consultants Institute, National Roofing Contractors Association the Association For Facilities Engineering and Restaurant Facility Management Association. Our products and programs are endorses and approved by some of the largest foodservice chains, roofing manufacturers and foodservice suppliers throughout the country. We have built our reputation over the years by providing great service and quality products.  
Product Requirements:
Commercial kitchens, food processing plants, building owners that have restaurant tenants and anyone that generates oils, animal fats and cooking grease experiences rooftop problems. Grease and oil laden vapors that are vented through a hood/duct exhaust system travel to the exhaust fan/ventilator that is typically found on most roofs. The grease and oil is then collected in the exhaust fan housing. When the grease and oil accumulates, it causes the grease and oils to spill onto a roof. When grease and oils come in contact with a roof system it causes premature and permanent roof damage. The associated costs from this damage  is in the millions each year.  Rooftop grease and oils also finds its way into storm water drains that are located on rooftops. Rooftop grease and oil spills also pose a serious fire, safety and health hazard. The opportunity to provide a cost-effective solution to this problem couldn't be better. Roofing Manufacturers, The National Fire Protection Association, Environmental Protection Agency, Health Inspectors and Insurance Underwriters all require grease control equipment.   

The Solution To Rooftop Grease
Grease-CONTROL provides cost-effective solutions to rooftop grease and oil spills. We were one of the first rooftop grease containment manufactures in the country and we are the proud owners of the nationally recognized registered trademark "GreaseDiaper®".  Our unique grease control systems are very different from others. One reason for this is, our systems never come in contact with a roofing system. Secondly, our special designed GreaseDiaper® material that collects and traps the contaminants is hydrophobic. Our system acts as a grease and oil separator trapping the grease, oils and contaminants while allowing clean rain water to drain onto a roof.  
Supporting Articles:
We have had the privilege to work with some of the top roofing manufacturers in the country in developing an article that was printed in Professional Roofing. The title of the story is "Controlling Rooftop Grease" The article addresses rooftop grease and oil issues, why the roofing industry is specifying our products and the solutions to this costly problem. Here is a direct link to the NRCA article: www.professionalroofing.net/article.aspx?A_ID=486 

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