Protect Your Property and Investment: The following is a sample of typical property lease language that you might want to consider for your Landlord and Tenant Lease Agreements. This sample is just one of many samples that can be considered. To protect yourself legally you should always contact an attorney that specializes in this line of work. As a landlord or owner of a property you have a right to protect your property and investment.

Language For Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement:
Tenant shall purchase and install at its sole cost and expense the GC-4000 Grease Containment System, GAP-1398 Side Mounted Drip Pan System, or the GCS-1000 Grease Collection System manufactured by Grease-CONTROL along with a one year supply of disposable GreaseDiapers®. No substitutions will be allowed.  GreaseDiapers® must be replaced monthly or as needed.

Contact Grease-CONTROL at 800.322.0667 or a Grease-CONTROL Authorized Distributor to obtain this product. Tenant shall be responsible for maintaining this Grease Containment System as required. Proof of purchase  is required.

Existing Roof Damage: If you have grease on your roof from a containment system that has failed or from not having any containment in place at all, there's a good chance you already have roof damage. If this damage is not corrected or repaired immediately, further damage may occur causing permanent roof damage. We provide local and national service programs that include roof inspections, repairs and roof replacements if needed. 

Cleaning Programs: Through out network of certified contractors we provide a full range of kitchen hood exhaust cleaning and power washing services. Rooftop equipment that is clean will function at peak performance and increase the life expectancy of the equipment. It will reduce utility costs and  the risk of a costly grease fire. A clean roof is a healthy roof. In return this will save in premature roof repairs and structural damage. Industry experts require roof inspection to be conducted on a regular basis. Cleaning and repairs needed should be made at the time of installing a Grease-CONTROL system.  Local and national cleaning service is available.

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