State and Federal Agencies Are Motivating More Industries To Get Grease and Oil Spills Under Control

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The GC-4000 Grease Containment System
A Cost-Effective Four Sided System
No Contact With Roof Surface     

The GAP-1398 GreaseDiaper® System
A Cost-Effective Drip Pan System
First Line of Defense For Spills   

"5 year" Limited Warranty
Reduces Risk of Fire and Roof Damage

Members: NRCA, RCI, NFPA, RFMA, IKECA     

To Order Product Call: 800.322.0667

Grease-CONTROL is one of the leading rooftop grease containment providers in the world. We have provided cost-effective solutions successfully for over 30 years. We service all industries including: Foodservice, Industrial organizations, Food Processing Plants, Roofing Industry, Property Managers, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Architects, Consultants, Contractors and many other suppliers.

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With the series of environmental and safety issues facing the foodservice industry now and in the future by state and government agencies, the foodservice industry must be ready to get rooftop grease under control. Businesses around the world could be held responsible for polluted storm water systems, clogged sewers and sewer spills that are caused from Fats, Oil and Grease.

Correcting the problem is simple. Grease-CONTROL provides the most cost-effective and permanent solutions available. Our unique GreaseDiaper® is one of a kind that is a registered trade mark. We have built our reputation over the years by providing great service and quality products. We are problem solvers no matter how unusual your challenge is. . 

Our products are endorsed and approved by some of the largest food chain companies and roofing manufacturers throughout the country. We provide discounts to national restaurant chains, contractors and to our Authorized Distributors. Whether you are including rooftop grease containment into your roofing specifications or simply wanting to protect your property investment, call the experts that can get the job done.

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