Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q Are  Grease-CONTROL products new technology?
A No. We have provided containment products for oil, grease and spills for many years.

2. Q Does Grease-CONTROL products comply with industry standards ?

A Yes Grease-CONTROL helps comply when used as Best Management Practices [BMP's] for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans [SWPPP's]. The EPA  requires that all potential sources for storm water runoff must be identified in SWPPP's and that BMP's must be used to control the pollution that results from this runoff. Grease-CONTROL products can be identified as BMP's for capturing and eliminating fats, oil and grease run-off from a rooftop ventilation systems. In addition, our equipment is noncombustible, closed, rain-proof, and meets industry standards for roofing specifications. It's always good to check with local authorities for approval of use. Some local authorities may have their own requirements. Specially in dealing with Publicly-Owned Treatment Works (POTW's)     

3. Q Besides environmental pollution, what damage does Fats, Oil and Grease cause to roofs?

A When cooking fats, oil and grease or even petroleum oils come in contact with a roofing system, it causes most roofs to soften, delaminate, blister, or crack, depending on the specific material of the roof. Proper use of Grease-CONTROL products will aid in protecting a roof for years. Our products will also help protect against voided roof warrantees if maintained properly.

4. Q Why not just use a boom or a sorbent material around a leak?

A That might seem like a good alternative. But typical loose sorbents are only a quick and temporary fix. Regarding booms, the stones on a built-up roof prevent a boom from lying flat against the surface and effectively block the leak or spill. There is no barrier to prevent the grease and oil from passing through to the roof. The lightweight materials in some sorbents will not stay in place and might blow away. In addition, most of these materials are not designed to allow the rooftop to breathe properly. Clean up can be very expensive as well. The key to a clean and healthy roof is to stop the grease from ever reaching a roofs surface. Our products provide this protection if maintained properly.

5. Q What makes Grease-CONTROL products so different from others?

A All of our rooftop grease containment products are designed and equipped with a unique GreaseDiaper® material that is a registered trademark. It is our specially designed GreaseDiaper that makes our containment products so different from others.  The GreaseDiaper is hydrophobic (100% water resistant)  even when it becomes saturated with fats, oil and grease. This allows a higher volume of collection with less material used. In return, it saves our customers $$$.In addition, our GreaseDiaper never come in contact with the roofs surface even when the GreaseDiaper is saturated with Fats, Oil and Grease. Roofing consultants and contractors around the world are selling and specifying our products. In addition, some of the largest quickserve restaurant chains in the world are using our products.

6. Q Why not just use a bucket,  metal box or sandbox to catch the spillage of grease?

A They just don't work well. These contraptions may help, but require a lot of unnecessary maintenance and follow-up. Buckets: When it rains the cooking fats, oil and grease will float to the surface and overflow, spilling grease onto a clean roof. Sand boxes: The weight of sand can exceed the roof specs and also requires constant replacement. Plus, it's difficult and can be unsafe transporting sand onto a roof. Grease-CONTROL products are designed to channel away water and collect and trap the fats, oil and grease.

7. Q Won't the installation require cutting or drilling holes into a roof?

A No. Unlike other products, our product is designed to easily attach to an exhaust fan without fastening it to the roof. The most our products require are a  few self-tapping sheet metal screws. Screws are included with each order.

8. Q Will a strong wind blow the GreaseDiapers away?

A No, our equipment is designed to hold the GreaseDiapers in place even in severe weather conditions.

9. Q How can I get the most out of Grease-CONTROL products?

A After installation, you need to set a regular schedule for when and how often you will be checking and replacing the GreaseDiapers. We recommend checking the GreaseDiapers within the first week of installation, and then ever month thereafter. If our product is catching grease from a fan where the leakage is fairly consistent over time, by following this format, you will have a pretty good idea of how to then set your maintenance schedule. Often there are other maintenance inspections and work performed on rooftops, such as roof inspections, HVAC filter replacements and duct cleaning that is done regularly. The GreaseDiaper inspection can become part of this routine maintenance as well.

10. Q How much Fats, Oil and Grease will the GreaseDiapers hold?

A It depends on the size of the GreaseDiaper being used. Example: the GreaseDiapers for our  GAP-1398 Side Mounted Drip Pan collects and traps up to several quarts of grease. Note two GreaseDiapers can easily be used with the GAP-1398 product doubling the volume of grease being collected. When four of our GC-747 GreaseDiapers are used or our GCS-1000 GreaseDiaper cartridges are used they can collect and trap up to several gallons of grease. This is what makes or products so unique from others. We provide the most advanced grease containment products available.

11. Q How often does the GreaseDiapers need to be replaced?
It depends on the volume of grease that is generated from an exhaust fan. This usually is determined by the volume of cooking that is being done. A GAP-1398 GreaseDiaper is replaced monthly or as needed on a typical high-volume broiler or grill fan. GreaseDiapers are replaced every two months for medium volume and every three months for lower volume restaurants. Our GC-747 GreaseDiapers can last up to six months to one year depending on the spill pattern and volume of grease that is being generated. Our GCS-1000 could last up to one year without service. However, it is important to provide regular GreaseDiaper inspections and perform changes as needed.

12. Q What is the GAP-1398 and GCS-1000 ?

A The GAP-1398 is a pre-assembled Side Mounted Drip Pan and the GCS-1000 is a pre-assembled Grease Collection System. Both are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel. They both easily attach to the exterior of a rooftop exhaust fan. They fit directly under the fans grease drain spout. The GAP-1398 accommodates disposable GreaseDiapers that are held in place by two lock-in brackets. The GCS-1000 accommodates a GreaseDiaper Cartridge. Our specially designed GreaseDiapers and GreaseDiaper Cartridges adsorbs fats oil and grease and repels 100% water. Unlike other costly containments products, water will not accumulate or pass through the GreaseDiaper thus, preventing overflowing of grease or contaminated water from spilling onto a roof.

13. Q What are the dimensions of the GAP-1398 and GCS-1000?

A The GAP-1398 equipment is 19 inches long by 7 inches wide and 5 inches high. The GCS-1000 equipment is 19 inches long by 9 inches wide and 18.5 inches high with height adjustment

14. Q What are the GC-747 GreaseDiapers and how do they work?

The GC-747 GreaseDiapers are 35 inch long heavy duty constructed GreaseDiapers that are held in place by an adjustable tension cord. The GC-747 offers maximum four sided protection and holds up to several gallons of grease. The GC-747 GreaseDiapers are extremely universal and can be used for many types of applications. 

15. Q What are the dimensions of the GC-747?
Each GreaseDiaper is 35 inches long by 7 inches wide and 1 inch thick. The adjustable tension cord is 6 feet long and can adjust up to approximately 12 feet.

16. Q How are the GreaseDiapers disposed after fully saturated?

A It is always best to check with your local refuse and disposal people to let then know of the contents of any dumpster or container. It is always important to be certain you are in compliance with local/applicable laws and requirements. Most of the foodservice industry throughout the country use their dumpster or container that is used for fats, oil and grease waste. You can also check with your local grease disposal company as they might welcome dirty GreaseDiapers with you regular pick-up. 

17. Q Are Grease-CONTROL products noncombustible and flame resistant?
Yes. Our GAP-1398 and GCS-1000 Equipment is noncombustible and flame resistant. An independent/in-house study was conducted on our GreaseDiaper material that is used in conjunction with our equipment. As part of the study, indirect and direct heat/flame was applied to the GreaseDiaper material. At (550+ Degrees F) we found the material had slightly melted in areas that were in direct flame. Therefore it is our professional opinion the GreaseDiaper material conforms to objective ASTM standards relating to heat resistance and combustibility. Note this is the sole opinion of Grease-CONTROL only and based on our own testing. 

18. Q Will Grease-CONTROL products require a contractor for installation?
No. Our product is the easiest containment product in the world to install. Note two self-tapping screws are provided with our pre-assembled equipment. Our GC-747 product doesn't even require tools for installation. It is held in place snuggly with an adjustable tension cord. Most other products on the market require a trained contractor for installation and maintenance. I am not saying that other products can not be installed by an end user, what I am saying is that other products are very difficult to install by someone that has never installed grease containment product before. Note, we have distributors around the country that provide installations and regular maintenance programs at affordable prices. It is always best to have someone that is familiar with your roof and exhaust equipment to assist if in doubt.     

19. Q Will Grease-CONTROL products fit any size exhaust fan or ventilator?

A Yes. Our products fit most every type of exhaust equipment used in the industry. If and when there is an odd size or shape exhaust fan, we can modify our existing products to meet a customers required specifications.  Our GreaseDiapers even fit in PENN Ventitlation's Model D10 (pull-out drawer) 

20. Q How is Grease-CONTROL packaged?
Our  GAP-1398  equipment is sold with disposable GreaseDiapers that are packed either (3), (6) , (12) or (24) count per case. Our GCS-1000 equipment is sold with (1) disposable GreaseDiapers cartridge, (3) tank filters, and (1) inspection filter, (2) Side Mounted Attachment Brackets, (3) Height Adjustment Brackets and Self Tapping Screws. Our GC-747 Four Sided Containment System include (4) 35 inch GreaseDiapers and (1) adjustable tension cord per case.  Lids for the GAP-1398 are available are sold separately.

21. Q Are Grease-CONTROL products affordable opposed to others on the market?

A Yes. In fact our products are the most affordable and cost-effective containment products available. Most others are very expensive to purchase, to install and to maintain. Some systems can cost $3,000.00 or more to install and maintain. In addition, most other products require trained contractors for installation and filter replacements. Our cost-effective products can be installed and maintained by the customer if desired. This is an incredible savings. 

22. Q How soon can I expect to receive product after placing an order?
A Normally within a week to ten business days. We also provide special shipping such as: over night express, two day express or three day priority. Note special shipping/handling charges will apply. 

23. Q How can I place an order?
Easy. You can call us direct at 800.322.0667, order online,  fax an order to 707.838.9444 or contact any of our Authorized Distributors around the world. Contact us for a Distributor in your area or to hear how to become an Authorized Distributor.

24. Q What is the cost for Grease-CONTROL Products? 
Price is based on the volume of product being purchased. Discounts are offered to Suppliers, Contractors, Engineers, Architects and large Foodservice Chains. The cost of our products is minimal compared to the cost of ignoring the problem. Call or email us at for a competitive quote.