About Our Product:

There is only one registered GreaseDiaper®. Grease-CONTROL is the proud owner of the registration rights. There has been many that have tried to copy and duplicate our GreaseDiaper®. To date no one has successfully acomplished this. The materials used in our specially designed disposable GreaseDiaper® is state-of-the-art technology. This technology is at the cutting edge of containment innovation. Our replacement GreaseDiapers® are designed to collect and trap more fat oils, and grease (FOG) than your standard products that are being used. The uniqueness of our replacement GreaseDiapers® promote dispersion of liquid FOG throughout the material, dramatically increasing the amount of FOG that can be collected and trapped. Unlike other materials and containment systems, the GreaseDiaper® material will not collect water or allow water to pass through. Our material is (Hydrophobic)= 100% water resistant thus, preventing any oily rain water to flow onto a clean roof or into a rooftop storm drain. This also results in less material waste and lower clean up costs. And because our product works twice as hard. This saves our customers on product replacement costs, maintenance costs and provides longer lasting protection for less dollars spent. 

Our replacement GreaseDiapers® are durable and reinforced for extra strength for the most adverse weather conditions. Our replacement GreaseDiapers® can be recycled and reused or incinerated. This is one of many features that makes our unique products the most Environmentally Friendly products available.

Our replacement GreaseDiapers® are designed to collect petroleum-base liquids and animal fat, oils and grease. Our replacement GreaseDiapers® are specially treated to resist static charge build-up and can be used effectively and efficiently when conditions are likely to produce static arcing such as when relative humidity is low (below 20%) or when temperatures fall below freezing. It is our professional opinion that the GreaseDiaper® conforms to objective ASTM standards relating to heat resistance and combustibility. Our equipment is noncombustible.

The above information is based on the GreaseDiaper® material that is being used with our rooftop grease containment equipment

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