Rooftop Grease Is Getting Into Our Water Supply
Help Save Our Environment and Water Supply.   

It starts with rooftop exhaust fans that generate grease and oils that spill onto roofs when not properly protected.

Grease then spills into grease traps, cups and boxes. When full they overflow. Rain water will cause this. 

Some are still using buckets. When full or when it rains buckets overflow as well.   

Grease spills cause premature and permanent roof damage when it comes in contact with a roof surface.  This is a fire, safety and environmental hazard. 

From the roof surface the grease then travels to the rooftop storm drains.   

In most cases the grease ends up in our fresh water supply.   

Grease and oil spills are causing environmental pollution.     

Solution: Have your roof inspected, grease spill cleaned and install a Grease-CONTROL System.

Don't Wait Until Our Drinking Water Is Completely Contaminated Before Doing Something About It.  Our Children Are Counting On Us.   

"Thank You For Your Support"