The Solution To Rooftop Grease
  GC-747 GreaseDiaper® System
A Universal System That Is Used On All Types of Equipment

The GC-747 System collects Fats, Oil and Grease  that spill from rooftop exhaust fans and industrial stacks. The GC-747 System is equipped with four durable replacement GreaseDiapers® that are 100% water resistant. The GC-747 System is cost-effective  to install and maintain. The GC-747 GreaseDiapers® can be attached to any side of a  ventilator/fan or all four sides at the same time. Each GC-747 System comes with four long lasting GreaseDiapers®, and an adjustable tension cord. Replacement GreaseDiapers® are

GC-747 GreaseDiapers® are cost-effective to replace and maintain. GreaseDiapers® should be replaced as needed depending on the volume of the spill. A minimum of four  GreaseDiapers® are shipped with each GC-747 System.

The GC-747 GreaseDiaper® System  Is The Most Universal System Available

GC-747 GreaseDiapers® can be used to wrap around duct curbs, duct extensions, fans, stacks and other equipment that expels oils and grease. Even wall fans. The 7 x 36 inch GreaseDiapers®  are  the most universal available.

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