Installation and Maintenance
GG-4000 Grease Containment System

A. Measure from the top of the duct curb down and make your marks where the GC-4000 will be mounted.

B. Make sure there is enough space on the duct curb for hinge kits. 

C. Fasten the four corner pieces of the GC-4000 to each corner of the duct curb with flat head self-tapping sheet metal screws provided. Make sure all corner pieces are level.

D. Apply caulking to each of the corner and middle surface that fit tight up against the duct curb on all four sides.  This will prevent any grease or oils from leaking through the sys. You may have to cut out a small section of the GC-4000 middle tray for any electric conduit cables. Don't worry having the system water tight. You want rain water to drain out.

E. Now you are ready to install the middle pieces of the GC-4000. Just simply place the middle pieces over the outer corner sections. Make sure middle pieces are even on both ends overlapping the corners. Hold in place and repeat Step C with flat head self-tapping screws.

F. Using the small hex head self-tapping screws provided to hold the outer middle pieces tight up against the corners as shown in diagram F.

G. Install the four replacement GreaseDiapers® that are provided.

H. Attach all 8 lock-in brackets to hold GreaseDiapers® in place. WARNING: Never use a substitute material with your GC-4000 system. It can make the system fail causing premature rooftop damage. 

I. For best results a GAP-1398 Side Mounted Drip Pan should be installed with the GC-4000 System shown in diagram I.


  GreaseDiaper® Replacement

GreaseDiapers® should be replaced monthly or as needed. Replacement should be determined by the volume of Grease and oil that is being generated. In a heavy grease environment you may need to double up the GreaseDiapers®. To replace the GreaseDiapers®, simply remove the lock-in brackets and remove the soiled GreaseDiapers®. WARNING: Never use a substitute material with your GC-4000 system. It can make the system fail causing premature rooftop damage. 

GC-4000 Grease Collection System Includes:
(4) Corner Sections
(4) Middle Sections
(8) Lock-in Brackets
(4) Replacement GreaseDiapers   

Flat head self-tapping sheet metal screws
Hex head self-tapping sheet metal screws

You will need a drill, caulk gun, a level and scissors to cut the length of GreaseDiaper material if needed.

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