Installation and Maintenance
GCS-1000 Grease Collection System

Included With Each Unit:

Every GCS-1000 Grease Collection System is equipped with a GreaseDiaper® Cartridge, three tank filter, one inspection filters, two side mount attachment brackets, three height adjustment brackets, bolts and self tapping sheet metal screws. 

Easy Installation:

Arrange the GCS-1000 so that the opening is directly under the fans grease drain spout or point of direct spillage. It is important that the fans grease drain spout is center with the GCS-1000 units opening. Also make sure the GCS-1000 unit sits level on your roof. Use the height adjustment brackets to level the GCS-1000 unit if needed. These brackets may also be used to raise the GCS-1000 unit if desired. To secure the GCS-1000 unit in place use the side mount attachment brackets. Bolt the long portion of the bracket into the sides of the GCS-1000 unit and the shorter section into the duct curb. The bolt openings throughout the GCS-1000 unit are threaded for easy use.

Replacement Of The GreaseDiaper® Cartridge

The GCS-1000 unit is equipped with an inspection filter. For best results the inspection filter should be inspected periodically. When and if the inspection filter becomes soiled it is time to replace the GreaseDiaper® Cartridge. When replacing the GreaseDiaper® Cartridge simply remove the tank lid of the GCS-1000 unit and replace the GreaseDiaper® Cartridge and three liner tank filters. To replace the inspection filter simply pull open the inspection drawer and replace filter. Note tank and inspection filters are the same type filters. When replacing the GreaseDiaper® Cartridge inside of GCS-1000 unit should be wiped out clean.

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