Installation and Maintenance
GAP-1398 Side Mounted Drip Pan


Fasten the GAP-1398 Drip Pan directly under the fans grease drain spout or point of direct spillage. Make sure to have to GAP-1398 Drip Pan leveled then attach the GAP-1398 Drip Pan using the special self-tapping screws provided. If you are replacing an obsolete catch box make sure to remove it before installing your new GAP-1398 Drip Pan. Attach the GAP-1398 Drip Pan to the duct curb as shown in diagram and not the fan shroud.

The dimensions of the GAP-1398 Drip Pan: 19 inches long, 5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Model #GAP-1398

Lock-in brackets, and lids are available

The GAP-1398 Drip Pan accommodates most exhaust ventilators/fans and duct curbing shown in above diagram. For wall mounted ventilators/fans and other types of fans, place the (GAP-1398) directly under the fans point of direct spillage. We also provide a Four Sided Containment System Item No. (GC-4000)  It works in conjunction with the GAP1398.

GAP-1398 DRIP PAN is pre-assembled and easily attaches to the side of any exhaust ventilator/fan.  Our galvanized steel GAP-1398 DRIP PAN replaces standard grease collection boxes. Each GAP-1398 DRIP PAN accommodates our specially designed GreaseDiaper® that collects and traps up to several quarts of fats, oil and grease. Pan covers/lids are available and are sold separately.

Replacement of The GreaseDiaper®

For best results GreaseDiapers® should be replaced monthly or as needed.  GreaseDiapers ® are cost-effective to replace and maintain. GreaseDiapers® should be replaced as needed depending on the volume of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) that is being generated. In a heavy grease environment you may need two GreaseDiapers® per GAP-1398 Drip Pan. To replace the GreaseDiapers®, simply remove both lock-in brackets and remove the soiled  GreaseDiaper® replacing it with a new one. Note, always notify your duct cleaning company of any new equipment being installed. Special precautions will need to be taken during scheduled duct cleanings.

CAUTION: GreaseDiapers® could be damaged if they come in direct contact with hot water, high pressure and degreasers/cleaners. Therefore, the GreaseDiapers® should be removed during each cleaning and reinstalled after cleaning is rendered.

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