The Solution To Rooftop Grease
Introducing The Most Cost-Effective Protection Available
GAP-1398 Side Mounted Drip Pan

The GAP-1398 collects Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) that spill from rooftop ventilators/exhaust fans. The GAP-1398 is equipped with a durable replacement GreaseDiaper that is 100% water resistant and collects and traps several quarts of FOG.

One Replacement GreaseDiaper®  Can Last Up To Three Months
With No Maintenance

GAP-1398 DRIP PAN is pre-assembled and easily attaches to the side duct curb of any exhaust ventilator/fan.  Our galvanized steel GAP-1398 DRIP PAN replaces standard grease collection boxes. Each GAP-1398 DRIP PAN accommodates our specially designed GreaseDiaper that collects and traps up to several quarts of fats, oil and grease. Pan covers/lids are available and sold separately.


GreaseDiapers® are cost-effective to replace and maintain. GreaseDiapers® should be replaced as needed depending on the volume of FOG that is being generated. (12) Twelve GreaseDiapers® are shipped with each GAP-1398 DRIP PAN. Other quantities are available at discounted pricing.

The GAP-1398 DRIP PAN prevents overflowing FOG from spilling onto a clean roof and into storm drains. Our product satisfies State and Federal Requirements including EPA's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP's), Best Management Practices (BMP's), Publicly Owned Treatment Works POTW's, the National Pollution Discharge Eliminations Systems NPDES and National Fire Protection Association NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control / 7-8.2.1

When using the product always make sure to check with local authorities for approval of application.


An actual photo of a common rooftop problem. If not corrected you can be entertaining premature roof repairs, polluting storm water systems and causing a health, safety and fire hazard.

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